Asset Management Division

        Prof. Madya Sr. Dr. Maimunah bt Sapri


Business Management Division (BMD) at the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia strives to optimise the income through assets monetisation towards enhancing financial sustainability and better asset value. More important, we endeavour to deliver services to all stakeholders at the best, in supporting our core business at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Our main functions are to utilise and managing UTM’s assets such as building spaces, accommodations, sports and recreation facilities and land.

UTM is situated at the main transportation system within Iskandar Malaysia becoming the best location for higher learning institution in Johor. Hence, UTM Johor Bahru campus site has enormous potentials for asset monetisation without sacrificing the core business of UTM as Public University. In addition, the existing assets offer a lot of potential for income generation and better services for campus community. Therefore, BMD is strengthened by four significant units and clusters viz. Hospitality Cluster, Services Cluster, Sports and Edu-Tourism Cluster and Real Estate Management Unit.

Our main approach is from people for people where the UTM’s asset delivery should fulfil our stakeholders’ expectation and value for money. Right talent at the right place is the major concern for our roadmap towards excellence and sustainable human capital. Our staffs are committed to perform for the best service, not only within the UTM’s community but also beyond at national and international levels. We will continue to be focussed in ensuring the betterment of UTM’s as the best place to live, learn, invest and play.