My doctoral thesis is on developing an instrumented inclusion technique for stress measurement in concrete structures.I joined the Department of Structures & Materials, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 1983 as an Assistant Lecturer, and later a full Lecturer. I am currently a full Professor in Structural Engineering, majoring in Bridge Engineering and Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures. My other fields of interest are in Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges and Forensic Engineering Investigation of Structures.

I was born in a small place called Salor, about 12km from Kota Bahru town in Kelantan, Malaysia. I attended my primary education at Salor National Type English Primary School (1967-1972) and continued my secondary education at a fully boarding school in Kelantan Science Secondary School (1973-1977). Currently I am a proud member of the Perintis73, an alumni of the first badge students of the school. After finishing my secondary school, I continued my A-Levels studies at Aberystwyth College of Education in Wales, UK (1977-1979). I later continued the rest of my higher education in the UK from 1980 to 1992. Since joining UTM in 1983, I have served as Head of Postgraduate Studies at Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Deputy Dean of Research Management Centre (1997-2005).

Formerly since 2006 until November 2013, I served as Director of Corporate Affairs, and now I am serving as the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development).  My other responsibilities also include as Chief Editor for Journal Teknologi and Chairman of Competency Panel for academic staff. I am also a Senate Member of the University from 2006. Currently I am teaching Bridge Engineering and also Structural Assessment and Repair at Masters level. Besides teaching and supervising research students, I do occasionally involve in consulting work in areas of structural forensic engineering and the non-destructive testing of bridges and buildings. My other non-engineering expertise is in the intellectual property management.