UTM Campus Sustainability

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Dato ‘Seri Douglas Uggah Embas officially had launch a UTM as a Sustainable Campus on March, 16 2011. Vice Chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Zaini Ujang was mentioned Campus Preservation Policy and framework of a comprehensive conservation program to achieve a natural balance and reduce carbon emissions, resource conservation practices, promotion minimum garbage, recycle and adopt eco-friendly food packaging.

-Lawatan, taklimat,demonstrasi & aktiviti

Durasi: 3 jam

Had umur: 9 tahun ke atas

Minimum Peserta: 10 orang

Maksimum Peserta: 40 orang

Waktu Operasi: Ahad-Khamis (9.00 pagi-4.00 petang)

For more information: http: https://dvcdev.utm.my/bmd/edu-package/